Username Heisenberg
Health  100%
Strength 12,739,102,075,462
Country North Korea
Married to No partner
Cash € 0
Bank account € 14,104,838,387 Member since 2012-07-17 3:35 PM
Money (safe) € 3,246,139,099,935,488 Referred by hereur77
Family No family Last online 2020-05-15 7:59 PM
Gender Male Attacks won 1,273
Rank Pate (lvl 8) Attacks lost 35
Respect points 1921 Murders 171
Protection No Missions completed 20
On vacation No  
Bounce No family 1,314,559,061,728
Morker No family 6,309,675,859,328
Cupcake No family 2,821,836,875
DaDaDimDo No family 1,014,624,969
vaan No family 2,736,376,411,769
Aleks98 No family 123,913,054,236
stressmann No family 58,356,604,085
T11 No family 2,409
Heisenberg lives in a Mafia palace
Personal goals
Crack the safe Boxing club
Higher / lower Ammunition factory
Lottery Murder
Prison Blackjack
Work Steal cars
Drugs Marksmanship
Wheel of Fortune Crimes
Auction Attack
Race Airport
Respect Hit list
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This rivalry has been confirmed by both parties!




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